Key Features :

Automatic transformer test system

5238 Transformer Analyzers are high performance, fully automatic test system which integrates a precision
Inductance analyzer with a switch matrix. This total test solution will help to reduce cost, increase productivity, improve your delivery times and your product’s quality. 20 pins / 40 pins fixture are available.

Incredibly simple and excellently accurate

The system provides a special open / short trim technology which can correct the fixture interference automatically. It can improve the system accuracy up to instrument level. The powerful functions and fixture design permits rapid, accurate measurement of various transformer parameters in one tester pass without the need to manually re-configure test connections. The operator needs only to follow a simple PASS/FAIL indicator to distinguish the DUT is good or not.

Incredibly simple and excellently accurate

5238 Transformer Analyzer is designed for manufacturers who produce chokes and transformers of various types in small, medium and large batches. Specially designed for the production, it can provide comprehensive testing using non-skilled labor. It will reduce costs and dramatically increase throughput, permitting 100% testing. This will eliminate customer return, enhancing your supplier status.