CCS provides a complete integrated tool suite for developing and debugging embedded applications running on Microchip PIC® MCUs and dsPIC® DSCs. The heart of this development tools suite is the CCS intelligent code optimizing C compiler which frees developers to concentrate on design functionality instead of having to become an MCU architecture expert.

Ready to run examples and tested peripheral drivers allow developers to quickly start their project. To learn more about our C compiler, check out the compiler details and view the CCS Compiler Quick Start Video Tutorial.

The C Aware IDE is an ideal environment to create C source code with integrated built-in functions, analyze it's performance, and debug the compiled code in real-time while running on Microchip devices.

Key C Aware IDE Components:

The CCS C Compiler has complementary development tools that work seamlessly with the compiler. Program, debug, and data stream from one environment that may be used for development and production.



2x faster when loading a full PIC18F4520
3x faster than MPLAB®ICD 2 when single stepping in the debugger

ICD-U64 is a complete In-Circuit Programming and Debugger solution for Microchip's PIC® MCUs and dsPIC®DSCs. The ICD-U64 will replace the ICD-U40.
ICD-U64 debug support covers all targets that have debug mode when used in conjunction with CCS IDE Compilers. The unit also provides in-circuit serial programming (ICSP) support for all Flash chips.

The ICD-U64 connects to your PC via a USB port and can power your target board.
The ICD is powered from: The USB Bus
Power a board at 5.0V by closing the jumper near the ICD jack inside the unit (The unit must be opened)

The new and improved CCSLOAD, programmer control software supports the ICD-U64 and offers many new key features including; powerful command line options in Windows/Linux, extensive diagnostics, easy to use production interface, and enhanced security options.

ICD-U64 can be paired with Tag-Connect, a cost saving production ICSP Programming cable that eliminate the need for a ICSP connector on your product. Tag Connect provides a direct pin-to-circuit connection, saving space on your PCB. The modular end works with existing ICD programmers as well as the ICD-U64.