Impulse / Surge Tester 7700 / 7710 / 7720 / 7703 / 7713

Key Features :

The best solution for coils testing

Coils are used widely. They are used on transformer, motor, generator, relay, solenoid, filter and different inductances. That is why the quality of coils is very important for all manufacturers.

High voltage non-destructive analysis of winding identifies difficult to detect manufacturing faults

There are a number of parameters that cannot change during manufacture that may affect the performance of a winding. These parameters, which cannot always be measured with an LCR Meter, include change in material as well as shorted and damaged windings. The 7700 series Instruments use a very high voltage impulse to stimulate the device under test (DUT). It analyzes the decay waveform to detect changes in material, shorted and damaged windings and other errors. Long term decay of a winding can also be detected. The system used ensures that the component is tested but not damaged during the analysis process. The shape of the waveform is dictated by Q factor, Inductance and stray capacitance of the winding. High Q shows as a slow decay and the frequency of the waveform is determined by the inductance and stray capacitance of the DUT.