List of Products offered by Micro Techniks
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Microtest Corporation, Taiwan, ROC
  • Automatic Transformer Tester
  • Universal Cable Harness Tester
  • Impedance Analyser
  • LCR Meter
  • DC Bias Current Source
  • Hipot Tester
  • Impulse Surge Tester
IDRC, Taiwan, ROC
  • Programmable AC Power Source
  • Programmable DC Power Source
  • Digital Power Meter
  • Power Analyser
  • Digital Milli Ohm Meter
International Electro Magnetics Inc.,
  • Toroidal Turns Analyzer
  • Shorted Turns Tester
  • Turns Counter for bobbin coils
WK Electronics Ltd, UK
  • High Frequency LCR Meter
  • Magnetics Analyzer
Shining Sun Enterprise Co., Ltd, Taiwan
  • CNC Coil Winding Machine
  • Pin Adjuster Machine
  • Lamination Stacking Machine
Pillar House International Ltd, UK
  • Soldering Machines for Coils and Wound Components
Da Chung Contact Probes Taiwan
  • Spring Loaded Contact Probes
  • Probes & Receptacles
E.A.T. Limited, Taiwan
  • Transformer Tester
  • Cable Tester
  • C Compilers for PIC Microcontrollers
  • PIC Programmers and Debuggers
  • Hardware Development Tools
Phoenix Mecano Digital Electronik, GmbH, Germany
  • Coin Vaidator
ICT, Taiwan
  • Bank Note Validator
  • Coin Validator
  • Card Dispenser
Automated Transactions Ltd, (ITL), Germany
  • Smart Payout
  • Smart Hopper
  • Bank Note Validator with Note Float
Other Products
  • RF Transmitter and Receiver Module
  • Electronic Load
  • Thermal Printer & RFID Reader